Michelle Leggett

Michelle was referred to me with multiple damaged teeth from an accident. She was unhappy with the shape, colour, and spacing of the porcelain crowns (caps) and the recession around some of them making them look black at the edges. She was interested in replacing these crowns to create a more pleasing smile and having some back teeth replaced with dental implants.


“I had an accident many years ago (pre ACC ) The resulting dental work was less than satisfactory and left me very unhappy with my teeth and appearance for most of my life.  I saw Andrew Newsom about getting cosmetic work done and went through the process last year.  I am so thrilled with the results and have a new lease on life.   I love my new teeth!  They are worth every cent.  My husband was so impressed with my results, he is now getting his teeth done with Andrew too. The staff are very efficient and a pleasure to deal with.  Thanks Andrew and Team.”

David Wilson

Mark brought in his Dad who had been struggling after he had his remaining teeth removed. He could not eat or chew at all without lower teeth and could not smile in family photos. He asked if he could have a set of teeth for Christmas using dental implants so he could enjoy time with his family, have the confidence to smile and eat his Christmas dinner!


“I want to pass on my immense thanks, especially to Andrew, for having Dad’s teeth ready in time for what turned out to be his last Christmas.  It meant a huge amount to us all and the family are eternally grateful to you for all the difference you made to his last few months.  I fully realise the lengths you all went to ensure Dad had his Christmas steak – especially finishing his dentures so close to Christmas and with a lot going on in periphery.  We could never thank you all enough for the respect you showed Dad and the dedication to getting the job done.”

 Johnny Dryden

Johnny came in with failing, loose and unsightly teeth and diseased gums. He was very keen to have his teeth removed and replaced. Johnny relied on his teeth for his job which involved a lot of speaking and meeting people. He wanted some new teeth that looked natural and that would work for him in his job.


“Last year I decided to replace my teeth after many years of bad oral health.  Making the decision to replace my teeth was difficult, until I met Andrew.  This was mainly due to the fact I make money from my voice and couldn’t be without my teeth.

Andrew was always available to answer questions around my nervousness of the process as I wanted immediate dentures.  His service was professional and thorough with minimal visits after the initial fitting.

Many people have told me how natural my teeth look, even though they are dentures. My friends have remarked positively about my new smile.  I’ve spoken to other people who got dentures done around the same time elsewhere and they are still struggling with their new dentures.

Many people pass themselves off as specialist in their field, however I know Andrew is a specialist dentist and my dentures prove that.

I’m happy to recommend Andrew if you need a specialist dentist.”